Hamilton County Republican Party

The Hamilton County GOP is dedicated to electing leaders who will serve honorably with the needs of those they serve foremost, and who are willing to sacrifice self for the betterment of others.

A message from the Chairman


Here in Hamilton County, we have an incredible amount of interest in our election cycles.  It is inspiring to see Republican values elicit such a strong response in our area.

As we get closer to May, it is important to remember Reagan’s 11th Commandment; “thou shall not speak ill of another Republican”

We are all on the same team with one goal.  That goal is making the lives of residents in our county better everyday.

- Arch Trimble IV

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Our Mission

Good Government at every level is our goal, and we believe this can only be realized by reaching out and giving a voice to every member of our society. 

Meet the HCGOP Officers

Meet the officers that make the Hamilton County Republican Party one of the strongest chapters in the state of Tennessee and the nation.

Our Clubs

See what clubs we have to offer and see what each ones does. We have a wide range of clubs to get you involved.


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