Nightside Pachyderm Club

Coordinator: Mark Harrison

Email: Mark Harrison


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The Nightside Pachyderm Club meets every first Monday at 6:30pm. The Nightside Club meets at Wired Coffee in Ooltewah 5707 Main Street 37363. Check for meeting dates and speaker information below. 

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Help the organization by becoming an annual member, local membership is $15 and national is $25.

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Pachyderm Preamble

It is our belief that most of the corrupting influences in American Politics could be erased and government made more responsive by one basic improvement. That is, simply for more good citizens to participate in politics. "We get the government we deserve, not the one we wish for," remains a guide-star for a free people. We offer a meaningful movement of political clubs as the most practical means by which a broad citizen participation in politics may be achieved.

Pachyderm Mission Statement

To promote education and active citizen involvement in politics. 

What is a Pachyderm Club?

  • We are a Republican group patterned after civic clubs with programs centered around government and politics
  • Pachyderm club memberships are open to all Republicans
  • Pachyderm club meetings are open to the public and encourage non-member attendance
  • Pachyderm clubs, as an organization, do not endorse issues or candidates in a contested primary election
  • The National Federation of the Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs is an official allied group of the Republican National Committee and as such, member clubs operate as enhancements to the Republican party rather than as a competitor
  • The Pachyderm Club movement is one of the most practical means by which broad citizen participation in politics may be achieved
  • Pachyderm clubs are controlled locally, yet operate within an established standard framework
  • Pachyderm clubs meet regularly either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly and provide continuity for Republican volunteers and activists